Do you want to expand your business but don’t have the time to do all the work yourself? Have you had a brilliant idea but need more people to work on the project? If that’s the case, you need to start outsourcing.

With outsourcing, you can hire multiple people to work for you while you reap the benefits of a job well done. 

Here, we’ll show you the best marketplaces for outsourcing and where you can find the best experts in various fields.

Fiverr — Best for Short Projects

Fiverr is an excellent platform where you can hire people for short, one-off jobs that don’t require a lot of time. It’s full of freelancers that can work on designing, proofreading, editing, and more. 

Also, you can pay extra and have someone complete a smaller project in 24 hours.

According to Fiverr, you can hire freelancers to do any job that is web-driven, can be done virtually, and doesn’t require a lot of human interaction. 

What’s more, if you own a startup, outsourcing to Fiverr is a great way to save money and have reliable service.

However, you have to make sure you’re choosing people who have been rated at least a hundred times. Also, always check that their rating is above 4.5 stars, or you could end up with sub-par service.

WP Publish Pro — Best for Publishing

If you’ve ever worked on a project in WordPress and had to use their dashboard, you know how tough it can be to navigate. 

Editing your content, finding royalty-free images, choosing a heading, etc. is just part of it, and most WP beginners can’t seem to make sense of it.

But with WP Publish Pro, you can hire an entire tech team that will help with your sales pages and funnels, as well as content pop-ups. 

While you focus on your content, your WP Publish Pro team will update your plugins, build a custom home page, and grow a mailing list.

If you get a membership, you will have a dedicated team of VAs, project managers, and funnel designers at your disposal. In fact, the flat rate for all these services and more is $99 per month.

Upwork — Best for Writing and Editing

Upwork is one of the biggest and most popular markets for outsourcing, and it’s home to thousands of freelancers.

Compared to Fiverr, this is a much better platform for hiring experts for long-term projects. Some of the most popular fields are:

  • Web and software development
  • Customer support
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading
  • Sales and marketing

The process of finding a qualified freelancer on Upwork is pretty straightforward.

Once you sign up, you can make a post about your project and wait for the bids to come in. When you’ve selected your top contenders, you can interview them to see who’s the best fit for your business.

OnlineJobs.Ph — Best for Marketing

At Online Jobs, you can find experts in various fields and hire them part-time, full-time, or hourly. 

What’s more, according to the Online Jobs page, over 20,000 people join the marketplace every month, so you’re sure to find a person that’s right for your business.

We would recommend going to Online Jobs if you need virtual assistants, marketing and SEO experts, and designers. 

What’s more, you can also find social media strategists, bookkeepers, WP experts, and PHP programmers.

Once you sign up for the website, you can send out a post about the job requirements and wait for the applications.

However, you will have to get either a Pro or Premium membership to hire and talk to them.

Expert Outsourcing — The Best Course for Outsourcing

If it’s your first time diving into the outsourcing world, you should consider getting training. 

With Expert Outsourcing, for a one-time payment of $99, you will get 2.5 hours of educational video content.

In the course, you’ll learn about hiring practices and how to find the best workers for your business. 

Also, you’ll find out how to work with the Filipino employees and which training programs give the best results.

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